Meet LB, a 14-year-old California sea lion and companion to Sushi at the El Paso Zoo.

LB is full of spunk, a quick learner and has quite an appetite. His diet currently includes 38 pounds of fish- the equivalent to over 15,000 calories a day. At his quarantine exam, he weighed in at 537 pounds and keepers are working to get him up to 600 pounds.

Now the Zoo hopes to breed LB and Sushi to sire pups, how cute will they be?

According to Zoo keepers Sushi, also 14 years old, has been getting to know her new companion and was excited to welcome him. Sushi has been striving to get LB’s attention by twirling, spinning and swimming rapidly by him in an attempt to get him to chase her. Go get’em gurl!

Sushi will continue with the daily sea lion presentations at this time. LB will be off exhibit during presentations. Daily presentations take place daily at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.