Super Bowl commercials have made for some of the most iconic marketing content ever, many becoming ingrained into our popular culture as more than just advertising.

That doesn't mean that all Super Bowl ads are created equal though. With the good come the bad. So, how does 2016 stack up? Watch our votes for the best and worst below.

The Best:

Listening to Dame Helen Mirren yell at you about being an arse for drunk driving? We'll take it.

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen on their own are pretty awesome. Together, they're a lovably comedic tour de force. (Also, quoting Bill Pullman's speech from Independence Day? Iconic.)

Less is not more when it comes to Ryan Reynolds, and Hyundai knows it.

Anything that stars Jason Schwartzman is alright in our book, but the fact that this Amazon Echo commercial also features Missy Elliott and her new song just makes it all the better.

Honestly, we don't care what Liam Neeson's selling as long as we get to listen to that gorgeous voice.

Another winner from Hyundai, Kevin Hart plays on the overprotective father trope in this hilarious commercial for the Hyundai Genesis Car Finder app.

Featuring David Bowie's "Starman," this Audi commercial is nostalgic, sweet, and sad all at once.

This sweet and inspiring ad from Hyundai is for the dreamers in all of us.

Watching Hulk and Ant-Man duke it out over a can of Coca Cola is not only hilarious, but oddly relatable.

The Worst:

It's not really a bad commercial—it's actually quite funny and cute! But there's just something a little creepy about resurrecting the CGI ghost of Miss Monroe to sell Snickers bars.

Key and Peele are usually hilarious. Unfortunately this Squarespace commercial just falls a little flat compared to their typical comedic genius. It's just whatever.