Note to all future Super Bowl advertisers: if you want to dominate talk around the office the next day or cyberspace the night of, feature a dog in your commercial. All the commercials that cut through the clutter and got a big laugh at the Big Game viewing party I was at had a canine in the starring role. There was the Volkswagen commercial where the chubby dog has to lose weight to chase cars, the Sketchers commercial with the bulldog who raced greyhounds, Bud Light's "Weego" who ran around getting beers whenever anyone said the brand's catchphrase, and the one from Doritos with the Great Dane who kills the cat then used Doritos to bribe his owner. Not only did they all get a good, hearty chuckle, I actually remembered the product they were pushing.

Check out my favorites, then hit up the comment box below and tell me which Super Bowl commercial(s) you liked best.

Volkswagon's overweight dog:

Bud Light's Weego:

Doritos cat killing dog:

Sketchers race dog:

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