I was eleven years old when I encountered my first love. Some guy was on the radio talking to kids like me. They sounded like they were having a blast. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to be an on-air personality.At the ripe old age of eleven, I hit the local library to read anything/everything that had to do with radio broadcasting. I quickly became immersed with everything radio. I would listen to as many stations that I could (even the Spanish ones) and studied their presentation.

I kinda consider myself a self-appointed historian of all things radio in El Paso.

So here is my list of the best radio stations in El Paso history. I based my decision on music selection, DJ quality, promotions, and of course ratings.



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    Disclosure: I worked for B94FM but that not the reason I picked it number one. The station was "best in class" in every way. DJ salaries were the best in the city. Technology was ahead of its time. The DJ's each had their own professionally recorded jingles (recorded in LA). The best contribution B94 made was its lasting legacy of it's music. The first time any Madonna, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, or Michael Jackson song aired was on the iconic station!  DJ Steve Crosno, as it's morning show personality, propelled the station to a 22 share. That means 22% of all El Pasoians were listening to the B. A record!!

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    KINT 98

    The first top 40 station on the brand new FM dial (mid 70's). This station was as exciting as it new frequency. The music was edgy and the stations images was even edgier! It's high energy DJ's and outrages events made it the best. The station brought us the Jello Jump and live DJ boxing matches! Hilarious! It's PD, Johnny Kaye, is now in LA and is considered a radio legend!!

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    Z 93

    Before their was a 93.1 KISS FM, their was Z93. The station came to fame in the early 80's. Program Director, Bob West, knew that El Paso was unique democratically and built a station to suit. The Z's unique mix of pop, country, and yes even Spanish classics made it one of a kind. The station ratings also proved the mix was right for El Paso.

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    Do you like listening to "El Paso style oldies" on Sunday? Well, thank legendary DJ Steve Crosno. He brought this little known format from California to El Paso. It was the first time ever Mexican American musicians could get their songs played on the radio. The contribution of Steve Crosno and this station is immeasurable.

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    The last great Top 40 station on the AM dail. FM technology had been introduced making teen listeners less likely to listen to AM. Staton played the best music of its time. Great station jingles as well.