Even though I was born in the '80's I remember some awesome fashion! Awesome fashion that is making its way back into what we wear today! I am super stoked to go to this shin dig and even more stoked to dress for it! Which brings up the question, what are you guys going to wear?!

Bangles, scrunchies, parachute pants, leggings, leg warmers and metallic anything! The '80s certainly made its mark in fashion, movies and in music. The Robert Palmer girls, Billy Idol, Madonnas virgin years, or even Ferris Bueller! Love it all!

The '80s Party is going to be a blast! With a title like "Dangerzone", you know it's going down in history! Be there August 24th at the Holiday Inn Airport in your best '80s get up. I'm either thinking a Robert Palmer girl or a tight denim skirt, neon orange high heels and "Like OH MY GOD! Don't forget the leg warmers!"

Here is a list of some fashion totally '80s to help you out!


Let's Get Physical video

Like a vigin/Madonna

Preppy look

Punk rock girl/guy


Punky Brewster

Blondie/ Debbie Harry

Hey Mikey/ Tony Basil

Pretty in Pink

Prom Queen 1983

Joan Jett

Robert Palmer Video Girl


Leggings/leg warmers


Jelly shoes

denim skirts

body suits


shirt ties



shoulder pads


We want to see it ALL at the '80s party! Bring your a-game for prizes! Best mullet, best dressed couple and best legs!

See YOU at The '80s Party 2012! August 24th. For more info visit www.kisselpaso.com