Justin Timberlake is a genuine triple threat. He can sing, dance and act. He's been in some great flicks. Here are some unforgettable scenes from Mr.Timberlake.

1.) Let's start with the 2011 film, In Time. JT showed us some great fight moves in this scene. That's why it made the list. He also had my favorite Justin haircut in this film.

2.) Friends With Benefits has got to be my absolute favorite movie from Justin. This scene in the Train station always gets me. I wish I were Mila Kunis for like 5 minutes. When Semisonic 'Closing Time' starts it just makes me melt.

3.) Ben Alfeck and JT in one scene?! Hotness overload! They fake argue so well.

4.) This is another one of my favorite movies. Don't you love how he acts like he doesn't know how to sing?

5.) If you haven't seen Black Snake Moan you are missing out. Such a good, weird movie. You'll know what I mean if you see it. But check out Justin in that military uniform at the 5:35 mark. Wow.

6.) JT and baseball, what more can we ask for? This is a great movie too. He plays such a strong character I love it.

7.) The Social Network is such an interesting movie because it is all about how we have come to where we are with technology and Facebook today. He played a great Sean Parker.