Not saying that I am not guilty of posting a boastful pic every once in awhile, but you know those people that brag every 5 seconds? This is for them...

They Ate Food:

This goes out to all the people that brag they went to a very expensive restaurant or even a restaurant not in your reach and you resent them for making you crave it! Example:


I love In and Out! We need one closer than 5 hours away! Wwwhhhhhhyyyyyyy!


Working Out or Going For A Run:

It's great to get your fitness on, but if you do it everyday there is no reason to inform us of it. That and a daily walk. I know someone who takes a walk every morning and posts 'pics' of it. I quoted pics because this is what he posts...


Hardly some scenery I'd like to see. #KThanksBye


Vacay Time: 

It's all nice and dandy that you got to vacay with the "fam bam" but over obsessive bragging is not needed. "Went sailing on our yacht today and caught a shark!" Ok, maybe a tad overly exaggerated but still not too far from some posts I've seen!

"Palm Spring Vacay with my girls!" *gag*



The Relationship is on!

This is self explanatory. Here come the picstich, cute, gag me now pics!





I'm sure your baby is the most adorable, bestest baby in the entire world! But one pic of it will do. I sound so cold but I love babies! Just not the same angle pic of the baby 987 times.


Now with all these tips, let's social media it up and not brag! Be nice about it.

Now if you DO enjoy cute babies, check out these in out KISS-FM vault!