We’re so excited about our ‘80s party on Friday! Remember rushing home from school to catch your favorite TV show?! Or sitting around the tube with the family gearing up to catch the latest episode of Growing Pains? They just don't make shows like that anymore. Here is a top 5 list of favortie TV shows from the '80s. Did yours make the list?

5.) Growing Pains













All I can say is remember that dreamy Mike Seavor? I loved this show and it's chessy morals!



4.) Perfect Strangers


These crazy cousins always had something they were getting themselves into. Making for a hilarious duo I loved to watch!












3.) The Golden Girls















Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanch! I absolutely adored these four ladies! They had a way to make you laugh and the humor delivery was right on point! Definetely a classic!





2.) The Cosby's













The family we all felt like we were a part of! The Cosby's! Admit it, you wanted to be a Huxtable...love this show!



1.) Alf













Alf! Hide your cat! This crazy alien that we all fell in love with comes in as your top '80s TV show. I even had an Alf doll!

What was your favorite '80s show? Did it make the list?

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