There are some shameless people in this world. This one in particular stooped pretty low.

Police in Odessa, Texas arrested 41-year-old Kalynn Homfeld on Tuesday (4/12/16) after she allegedly stole a ring from a corpse at the Sunset Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home in Odessa Saturday afternoon.

The disturbing footage, captured by the funeral home's surveillance cameras, shows Homfeld approaching the casket with the body of a woman inside. She leans over and appears to hold the woman's hand but, police say, what she was really doing was removing a ring from the corpse's finger.

According to the Odessa American, the ring was made of plastic and worth maybe $10. But police say regardless of its worth, stealing from a corpse is a felony and the crime will be treated as such.

The daughter of the deceased told the paper the ring was placed on their 88-year-old mother's finger as a symbol of their mother's love and devotion to her husband, who died several years ago.

If found guilty, Homfeld could get up to two years behind bars.