We’ve all bared witness to our fair share of rotten-mannered kids that probably deserved one-or-two swift kicks in the pants for conducting themselves like dysfunctional, junkyard dogs. Yet, one Texas mother may have gotten a bit “tazy” when it came to disciplining her teenage son.

Authorities say 32-year-old Kimira Hysaw was ratted out by her four-year old daughter, who revealed to a teacher at school that her mom used a “Taser” on her 14-year-old brother because he went out to play basketball without permission. Incidentally, the girl was able to draw a picture of the weapon that “mommy keeps in her purses” with a pink crayon when questioned by police.

When authorities met with the 14-year-old victim, they discovered that he had injuries, consistent to that of stun gun burns, on his right arm and his back. However, during a police interview, Hysaw claimed that she never actually used the Taser on her son – only  “threatened” him with it. Jeez – maybe she should have considered using a dirty tube-sock full of apples. We hear that doesn’t leave marks.

Hysaw was taken in to custody and charged with injury to a child but has since bonded out. A local gun store owner says that a stun gun is powerful enough to not only cause burns to the skin but can also result in a loss of muscle function that will ultimately cause a person to wet themselves. In short, these devices should not be used to discipline children – and neither should a tube-sock full of apples – just in case you were curious.