Texas school officials say they have demanded that a Houston elementary school teacher stop writing on his student’s foreheads as a means for criticizing them for their less than satisfactory work.

According to reports, parents of students attending Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Houston recently filed complaints against a teacher they said was using a magic market to write notes and random critiques on her student’s foreheads.

One complaint states that the letter “B” was written on one student’s forehead because he didn’t do his homework. What's he complaining about? That's not a bad letter grade for incomplete work!

Earlier this week, the Houston Independent School District released a statement, which said that upon speaking with the teacher accused of the allegations, he did in fact verify that he was guilty of writing on his students.

The teacher has since been advised to discontinue his controversial practice.

However, some parents say that the teacher got off easy and should have been fired for his actions.