Texas is now giving away free guns to homeowners living in neighborhoods suffering from high crime rates. A new, nonprofit group called the Armed Citizens Project is generating some controversy because they are giving away free pump-action shotguns to citizens seeking protection against the perils of their living environment.

However, while the mission statement of this organization may not shock many Texas residents, people in places like New York and Chicago may not be as easy to persuade. Yet, that is not stopping ACP founder Kyle Coplen from planning to take his program to some the largest cities in America.

"New York and Chicago are on our high-priority list," said Coplen. "We are going to be there by the end of the year."

The Armed Citizens Project, which is only a few months old, is set up to offer complimentary training and a $200 boom-stick for those who sign up. Coplen says that he has many women sign up that have never fired a gun before who sit through the classes and start shooting by the end of the day.

And while the ACP is only registered in the state of Texas, Coplen says that the organization is currently working to operate on a national level, as to comply with state laws when they take the program to places like New York.

Coplen says that the organization is not worried about  anti-gun supporters. "The folks that criticize us, I don't really pay attention to them," he said. "We are training folks, doing background checks, holding training. The people against us are against firearms ownership of any kind, the extreme fringe of the anti-gun movement."

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