Killer bees have officially invaded Texas.

Over the weekend, a man from Central Texas was killed and a woman was seriously injured after a hive of Africanized bees fiercely attacked them just south of Waco.

According to reports, Larry Goodwin was simply driving some lawn equipment when he apparently hit a pile of wood and unknowingly disturbed a hive containing approximately 40,000 vicious bees.

That’s when a group of the infamously aggressive insects attacked, sending Goodwin running for the house in attempt to ward them off with the garden hose. After hearing the man's cries for help, a nearby woman ran over to try to help Goodwin and was stung several times in the process.

Unfortunately, the bee stings were just too much for Goodwin to handle, and authorities pronounced him dead at the scene.

Earlier this year, another man from Central Texas, his wife and his dog were attacked by the same kind of Africanized bees. Fortunately, the two survived but the dog eventually died from his injuries.