A Texas man that set out to humiliate is ex-girlfriend by posting nude pictures of her online will now have to face the consequences, according to police.

Earlier this week, authorities say they arrested 34-year-old Matthew Ryan Guillory for creating phony social media accounts using his ex’s name and then uploading and circulating topless photos of her that he had acquired while the two were dating. Come on, baby - show me your Tweets!

However, things got real after Guillory’s ex-girlfriend discovered that the photos had been distributed online after she began receiving email alerts regarding the posts. That’s when she contacted local authorities and told them that although she consented to have the pictures taken back when she and Guillory were dating, she never gave him permission to put them in the public eye.

Guillory was charged with online impersonation after police were able to track the source of the fake profiles to his IP address. His bond has been set at $5,000.

Ladies, let this be a lesson that you should always be careful in regards to who you let photograph your girls; and men, please have some class and keep all your kinky, digital memories in the metaphorical shoebox under your bed. After all, karma can be a brutal mistress and you just never know when those haunting photographs of you wearing your ex's thong will come back to bite you in your freakishly hairy behind.