In Texas, even those suffering from psychotic episodes have good manners. Police say they are scouring the Lone Star state for a lunatic that attacked a father and his son with a saw and an ax over the weekend... and then apologized.

According to reports, the father and son pulled into a Fort Worth gas station in two separate vehicles when an older model truck followed in behind them. That’s when the driver of the truck got out and proceeded to perform his rendition of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the two men. The attacker reportedly blasted the 50-year-old dad in the head with an electric saw, cutting him on his head, before threatening to chop his 25-year-old son up with an ax.

Luckily, before anyone was seriously injured, the father and son managed to wrestle the saw out of old Leatherface’s hands. It was then that the attacker must have realized that he had assaulted the wrong people because he apologized for his mistake, got into his truck and drove off.

Authorities say they will not apologize for putting this saw wielding imbecile behind bars.