The state of Texas could stand to lose over $1 billion in annual revenue, since earlier today, members of the House surprisingly voted to do away with the Texas Lottery Commission – forever.

Even though several members of the legislator appeared confused and utterly speechless that they had somehow managed to cut off an integral part of the Texas feeding tube, the only thing that can be done about it now is to wait for the Senate to hopefully come to the rescue.

Representative Marisa Marquez of El Paso said that the Texas lottery is basically in jeopardy of being eliminated because several newcomers who voted for the bill did so out of ignorance for the state budget. However, even if the lottery is put back into place, today’s actions will ultimately put the final state budget in fiscal upheaval.

Five representatives from El Paso voted to maintain the lottery. In the end, the supporters were outvoted 64-82.

Incidentally, those who opposed preserving the 20-year-old lottery claim that it exploits the poor.