Texas health care providers may soon be able to use a patient’s driver’s license to collect vital information. At least that is what the Texas Medical Association hopes to get lawmakers to pass in order to create more modernized medical practices.

In addition, the association is also backing bills that would regulate health plan and prescription drug preauthorization forms as a means for making the medical community more integrated.

“A lot of these things are easy fixes,” said Dr. Michael Speer, president of the Texas Medical Association. “It’s just a matter of getting enough people to come together and agree that it’s the right fix.”

By making a patient’s medical information available simply by swiping their driver’s license, medical practitioners would be able to eliminate extensive paper trails and the extra staff hired to keep track of it. Now, all that stands in the way of making this a reality is the governor’s signature, which would give health care providers the same convenience utilized by hospitals.

Health care experts say collecting patient information digitally, they can upgrade payment systems, protect patient confidentiality and diminish insurance fraud.

How do you feel about doctors being able to access your medical information simply by swiping your driver's license?