Texans may soon be getting a little more privacy when it comes to who is legally able to read their emails.

Earlier this week, lawmakers sent a bill to Governor Perry’s desk that, if signed, will essentially make it against the law for any state-level officials to snoop around in a Texan's email account. The governor has until June 16, 2013 to either sign or veto the bill or else it will automatically be passed into law and go into effect in September.

As it stands, federal privacy law dictates that no warrant is required to spy on a citizen’s emails once they have been opened, or if they have remained unopened for more than six months. Unfortunately, if this bill is signed, it will not have an effect on the federal laws currently mandated under the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Texas bill HB 2268 was passed unanimously earlier this year by both houses and the state legislature.