This morning, Mike and I were having a little fun at the expense of the legal system after I read a story about an ongoing corruption trial involving Judge Regina Arditti and her attorney, Teresa Caballero.  A visiting judge sent an email that said, among other things, "We will convene at 8:30 a.m. That may be earlier than you're used to in El Paso County, but I'm sure you can acclimate.”

Kind of a snarky thing to say, and something that rightfully raised some eyebrows.  It also kicked up a lot of dust because a number of prominent El Pasoans felt is smacked of racism.  I think it was wildly inappropriate and in  extremely bad taste, but I'll give the judge the benefit of the doubt and believe that he is just a blowhard, not a racist. 

But I digress.... 

This morning, I read the story about the email and said that I had heard that Teresa had testified at a hearing about dumping the emailer judge by questioning and answering herself.  Mike and I went off on a tangent about how funny we thought that would look and too bad there wasn't any video or sound of that testimony, then we moved on to being snarky about Charlie Sheen.  After we got off the air, Teresa called the station.

Now to be fair and open about this, Teresa has a reputation of calling and threatening to sue on-air personalities.  She is also someone whom I have known all my life.  She is the daughter of Dorothy McGill, one of my mother's closest friends before she sadly passed away recently.  We talked and she told me that indeed, she did testify about Judge Emailer, but she did so in the narrative, meaning, she read a statement.  She also told me that there are instances in which a judge can require an attorney to do a Q&A with themselves, but it didn't happen in her case.

Anyway, long story short, Teresa Caballero did not do a Q&A with herself on the stand, and she was a good sport for calling me and letting me know.  But, we are a snarky show, so we might make light of her again in the future!

Thanks for clearing that up Teresa and for being a good sport!