Christmas shopping can be so hectic! You never know what to get your grumpy sister or picky dad, so here's a list that can hopefully help you out.


  • El Paso Chihuahua Season Tickets

    You either love them or hate them, but the El Paso Chihuahuas are here to stay! Get that local baseball fan the gift they really want, season tickets! Cheer up the family and friends with these tickets, so they can get rid of the winter blues and look forward to sunny baseball games!

    Facebook/El Paso Chihuahuas
  • Mall Gift Cards

    The Fountains of Farah is a beautiful mall with tons of new stores for El Pasoans to browse. A gift card for anyone who hasn't been to the mall or is just completely obsessed with it, would be a perfect gift. The Outlet Shoppes of El Paso, Cielo Vista or The Basset Place mall gift cards would also make great stocking stuffers for those you might not know what to get!

    Facebook/Fountains of Farah/Raul Martinez
  • Chico's Taco Shirt

    Love Chico's Tacos? Well now you can take the tacos with you where every you go with their official shirt. I bought one for my brother who moved to California last year, so he could take this El Paso tradition to his new home. Last time I checked they were about $10 and you can purchase them at any Chico's location.

  • Ice Skating

    El Paso now has three locations you can go ice skating! The prices are pretty decent, so why not pay for someone to experience this holiday fun? You can find out where to suit up your skates on Mike's Blog!

    Facebook/The Fountains of Farah/Raul Martinez
  • Cupcake Bouquets

    Cupcake shops have been popping up around El Paso and these local goodies are delicious. I think you can't go wrong with giving anyone an assorted box of cupcakes but if you can make them into a bouquet, that would be even better! I'm probably going to end up buying some delicious cupcakes from various El Paso cupcake shops such as, Sweet Addiction, Bake Me Happy and Dirty Mouth Cupcakes and try to make cupcake bouquet gifts! If you haven't heard of a cupcake bouquet, check this video out!

    Facebook/Sweet Addiction
  • Cell Phone Cases

    Tons of people are going to be getting new cell phones for the holidays or might have already got one during black friday, so why not help them dress it up? Custom cases are more meaningful presents because you can add personal touches. Ally's Zombielounge, located in Las Cruces, is just one of the local places that creates these custom cases from their own ideas and will take specific orders! This Cure case is just one of the examples of the sweet creations they come up with.

    Facebook/Alley's Zombie Lounge
  • UTEP & NMSU Sports Season TIckets

    Keep up with our local college sports by purchasing season tickets to your favorite sport. NMSU and UTEP may not have the best seasons but that shouldn't stop you from showing your support. You can purchase season tickets for  UTEP and NMSU on their websites, which I linked on the college names.

    Facebook/UTEP Tickets
  • Bahama Buck's Snowballs

    You never know if El Paso will be getting a good amount of snow, since our weather is so bipolar. If you really want to have a snowball fight this season, you can purchase some Bahama Buck's "Sno2Throw!" They sell snowballs all year round, in packs of 24 to 60. They would be perfect to add to any holiday party!

  • Cirque du Soleil Tickets

    Cirque du Soleil is coming back to El Paso and tickets to this special event will be a wonderful surprise for Christmas! Get your tickets at Ticketmaster for the March show.