This sounds like a soap opera storyline but it's true. Only in Florida.

A teen boy has been posing as a doctor at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. The boy was noticed by a patient when she alerted staff of a boy in her exam room wearing a white lab coat with the label "anesthesiologist" on the coat. The lab coat also had the St. Mary's logo on it and was authentic.

Police officials in West Palm Beach have agreed to not press charges on the teen or his parents. The teen's mother told police that he was under the care of a doctor and had not been taking his medication.

A security guard stated he had seen the teen around the hospital for at least a month but never saw him in the lab coat. The teen had been inside exams rooms posing as a doctor working with the OB-GYN in the hospital. No patients are pressing charges and no one was harmed.