A Silverdale, Washington, high school senior claims she was initially not allowed entrance to her prom because of her big breasts. As per the Central Kitsap High School Prom dress code, students can only wear strapless dresses as long as their cleavage, midriff, and lower back are covered and Brittany Minder was deemed to be showing way too much cleavage.

But Minder argues that having large breasts makes it next to impossible for her to wear a prom dress without showing more cleavage than what is school officials consider appropriate. “There is more cleavage that you can see,” Brittany told a local television station, “and there's nothing I could really do about that." Brittany was eventually allowed to enter the prom once she covered her boobs with a shawl, but left after an hour because she says the look made her feel "self-conscious."

She and her parents want the school to apologize. Do you think the school was in the wrong for enforcing the dress code too strictly? Should Brittany have chosen a dress that perhaps wasn't strapless or at least had a more modest neckline?

Watch Brittany Minder talking about how the school ruined prom for her: