Watch this heartwarming story of 15 year old Patrick Otema, who has born deaf and has never been able to speak to anyone in his remote village, including his own father. A man brings Patrick hope by trying to teach him sign language. 

Patrick Otema was born in a remote village in Uganda and is the only deaf person in the entire village. Because of this, Patrick has never spoke to anyone, or even attempted signing as communicating to anyone. His father has to use basic motions to show him what he needs him to do, and then Patrick goes back into his hut to sit alone. He has no interaction with other people in his village. This could have been the way Patrick would have lived out his entire life if it wasn't for Raymond Okkelo, a deaf sign language instructor in Uganda. Raymond used to be the same as Patrick, alone and scared of people because of his lack of communication. Raymond has now started sign language classes to help teach deaf people in rural, remote communities sign language. Watch the video to see people of all ages in the deaf community learn to communicate and most importantly, see Patrick smile.