We are getting ready for Taste of El Paso and I hope you’re prepared for the deliciousness of this amazing event. Taste of El Paso is coming up for one night this year, Nov. 12 at the Convention Center, doors open at 5 p.m. for cocktail hour at the El Paso Convention Center.

We got to preview Papa Pita for Taste of El Paso, so good! They will be serving some amazing dishes for this year's Taste, cucumber roll with falafel roasted red peppers and cream cheese with tomato sauce, brisket pita roll with green chiles, onion, hummus mozzarella and homemade pita bread, soup zucchini bisque and Papa Pita's version of S'mores. A chocolate pita with Ghirardelli chocolate, marshmallows and strawberries with caramel drizzle, oh my!

Papa Pita Brisket Roll
Papa Pita Chocolate Pita
Papa Pita Cucumber Roll
Papa Pita Zucchini Soup

Papa Pita

7114 N. Mesa El Paso, TX


You can taste all of these delicious dishes at Taste of El Paso, tickets are on sale now for the Nov. 12 event.