As we prepare for Taste of El Paso, happening Nov. 12 from 6-9:30 p.m. at the El Paso Convention Center, we have the hard job of previewing all the delicious items that are going to be available at the event. For the dessert portion of the event, I was luckily enough to preview the cupcake goodness that The Master's Place will be serving at Taste of El Paso.

The Master's Place is a comfortable yet chic cupcakery. Each day the hard workers at The Master's Place make every cupcake fresh. This is quite impressive as they display 8-12 flavors a day, and have over 60 flavors they rotate all year long. They also have some unique dessert options as they also offer a drop-in cupcake milkshake, cupcakes and ice cream and tons of unique ice teas.

The Master's Place will be bringing six of their delicious flavors to taste of El Paso:

Emily S.

Pumpkin Roll - For all you fall flavor lovers!

Red Velvet

Emily S.

Strawberry Shortcake

Pistachio Almond

Emily S.

Triple Chocolate

Emily S.

Tres Leche - My Personal Favorite!

You can stop by The Master's Place, located at 1700 North Zaragosa Suite 151, to pick up some adorable and delicious mini cupcakes or regular size ones, even place cupcake cake orders! The Pumpkin Roll will be the highlight flavor Taste of El Paso but you will should try to get a taste of each and every flavor, you'll end up in a glorious cupcake coma of flavor!