wizard of oz

City Of El Paso Talks Trash
Tomorrow's winds are supposed to reach 60mph, and that means a lot of stuff blowing in the wind, but the City of El Paso wants to make sure it's not YOUR stuff!
One Of The Last Munchkins Has Died
Awwww, man, there is some really sad news out of Hollywood.  One of the last remaining actors who played a munchkin in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, has died.
Worst Celebrity Wax Sculptures
Wax sculptures scare the hell out of me!  Some people are freaked out by clowns, I have a fear of giant candles that look like famous people. . .  And of the possibility of things that resemble people possibly melting.
18 Wheeler Destroyed By Tornado – Caught On Tape!
The past three days have seen some really bad tornadic activity in the midwest and down into Texas.  Usually we see the swirling funnel cloud trashing the country side and threatening homes and businesses, then the horrible aftermath.  But rarely do we see the actual destruction of pr…