The 2014 StreetFest Slowdown for Day One
Great music, great food, great fun! That's El Paso's Downtown StreetFest. But there's so much to see and do, you might miss some of it.
Fear not -- it's the StreetFest Slowdown, where we take a turn through the whole party cruising low and slow. Maybe we saw you!
Watch Better Than Ezra Perform “Juicy” at StreetFest
El Paso's Downtown StreetFest brought the peeps, Louisiana's Better Than Ezra brought the fun, especially leading into their song "Juicy" with a touch of the Rolling Stones, and a break for an ode to the Sugar Hill Gang's classic rap, "Double Dutch Bus&q…
The Five Questions That Will Help Save Your Relationship [VIDEO]
If you feel your relationship is going down the sinker, read these tips to help keep it a float. A few friends were struggling in their relationships and luckily I came across an article that I thought would help. This article in the Huffington Post suggested instead of asking your significant other…
Wild Gorilla Touching Video
Ever go to the zoo and wonder what it would be like to pet the wild exotic animals? They are so powerful and dangerous it is unthinkable what it would be like, but this man was petted and groomed even by a wild adult Gorilla! You gotta see it...

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