Relationship Report – How to Beg for Forgiveness
So your plan to make Valentine’s Day a special day for your lady ended up being more of an epic fail, huh? Or worse yet, you didn’t heed the calendar or her hints and didn’t plan anything at all.  Here, then, are a few tips on how to beg for your honey’s forgiveness…
11 Adorable Kids Experiencing First Love for Valentine’s Day
We usually think that kids are too young to understand our grown-up versions of love. In fact, many would argue a person doesn’t fully understand love well into adulthood. But, as proved by adorable kids on YouTube, the innocence and sincerity of those first inklings of love can be the sweetes…
Mike’s Blah Blah Blog: Why Men Hate V-Day
FOUR REASONS YOUR MAN HATES VALENTINE'S DAY: Have you ever wondered why your man dreads Valentine's Day? Why to him it's more of an obligation or a "scam" than anything else? "But, Mike", you're saying. "Flowers, chocolates, dinne…
How to Write a Love Letter to your Valentine
Roses are red; violets are blue. I can't write a love letter, and probably neither can you. According to a new survey, six out of ten people -- women and men alike-- say they'd love to get a handwritten expression of affection on Valentine’s Day.
3 More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Guy
MORE VALENTINE'S DAY HELP FOR THE LADIES: I can't tell you how many ladies express their dismay at what a challenge finding their man a gift is. But here are three can't miss gift ideas sure to please any man