tony bravo

Tony Bravo’s Jar of Awesomeness
Things don't change much in the studio here at KISS FM.  There's a sound board, some computer equipment for us to waste time surfing the web on, I mean, do show prep on.  So when I came in this morning and saw a plastic container where a plastic container shouldn't be, I was…
What’s Up with “What’s Up”!
In this week's edition of "What's Up" magazine, they sent a reporter to cover The Little Black Dress Party at the Garden that was held last friday night. Check out all the pictures of all the beautiful people who showed up. One of the pictures has me, (Tony Bravo) on…
Calling Out A Name For Great Purse Giveaway
If you went out and registered for the Great Purse Giveaway at Make Room for Baby then you better tune in starting at 3p with Tony Bravo. He will be calling a name and it could be you...
How To Get A Song Played On The Radio
One of the most asked questions i get as a radio disc jockey is "Hey Tony, how can i get a song request played on the radio without having to wait a million years!! Well, i'm glad you asked.
KISS-FM’s Birthday Party Gallery
Some pictures from the 2010 KISS-FM Birthday Party at Adventure Zone!  It was a fun time for the whole family with rides, games, 2 cakes, food and a free performance from KISS Rising Stars: Days Difference!