8 Weird and Wacky Thanksgiving Items From Etsy
This Thanksgiving, let's all give thanks to online crafts, clothes and curios store For without them, we'd be deprived of the following 10 items of pure holiday kitsch.
Pumpkin Pie Soap
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These pumpkin pie-shaped hand soaps are certainly pretty and defin…
Lady Gaga Releases Thanksgiving Promo Clip
While most of you are likely engaged in a mad dash to pick up all the last minute items you need to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal for this coming Thursday, Lady Gaga is helping to further ramp up excitement for Turkey Day — or Tofurkey Day if you have alternate eating habits! She released a …
10 Thanksgiving Pie Disasters
Ah, pie. One of the great joys of Thanksgiving…that can so easily turn to abject terror if done wrong. From burnt crusts, to terrible fillings, pie is either really good, or really, really bad. Here's ten of the worst Thanksgiving pies we've ever seen.
9 Towns with Tasty Thanksgiving Names
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Thanksgiving is upon us. For good pilgrims all across the country, it's a special day to gather together with beloved friends and beloved and/or kind of beloved family to celebrate with a bountiful cornucopia of gravy, green beans and Cool Whip. Bu
Is This The New Turducken?
First, there was turkey - it was the star of the Thanksgiving meal.  Juicy, golden brown, regal.  Then, someone went and invented the Turducken - a scary, hybrid made of chicken inside duck inside turkey.  Now, there is an even bigger Thanksgiving meal abomination.  When will the…
It Will Cost 13% More to Serve Thanksgiving This Year
Every year, the American Farm Bureau Federation releases a study about the retail cost of serving Thanksgiving dinner, and based on their numbers, it’ll cost you 13% more this year than last year. The good news, they say, is that it’s still less than $5 per person.
Places Serving Thanksgiving Dinner in El Paso – Our Top Five
Not everyone will be home for Thanksgiving, or even if they are home, will be cooking a meal. So what do you do if you're jonesing for the bird but don't know how you're going get it? Check out this list of places that will fill the gotta-have-some-turkey void!

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