Fort Bliss Cancels ‘Adopt A Soldier For Thanksgiving’ This Year
My family and I have been adopting soldiers for Thanksgiving for about eight years now, ever since Ryan joined the military.  I’m ashamed to say that before Ryan joined the Army, I never really thought about the men and women in uniform who needed a nice place to be during the holidays.  But this ye…
Thanksgiving Day Sports and Movie Guide
Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday. We eat until we 'splode, we couch surf all day watching sports and marathons of our favorite tv shows, and then we do it all over again the rest of the weekend. The best thing about Thanksgiving is there is none of the gift-giving pressure of Christmas,…
How Many Calories Will Be in Your Thanksgiving Dinner?
Yes, we know your stomachs are still coping with all the Halloween candy you just ate. But believe it or not, Thanksgiving, the mother of all gluttonous holidays, is just a few short weeks away.
The Calorie Control Council tells us that the average American will consume 4,500 calories at Th…
Black Friday Store Hours!
It's that time again to crush people for the newest electronics and fist fight with your fellow shoppers!  I admire those who really know how to fight for a deal but I have never experienced the chaos of Black Friday.
This year ...
Village Inn Pie Lady Gives The KISS Studio A Visit
Claudia, the Village Inn Pie Lady was great enough to stop by the studio today AND she also brought along some delicious pie for us to GIVEAWAY.  I've got it from a good source that she may be coming back on Wednesday with more free pie!
Top 4 Places To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner So You Don’t Have To Cook
Thanksgiving is next Thursday - you know that.  But do you know where you can get  good, hot Thanksgiving meal if you don't want to have to cook it?
I did all the legwork for you, and here is the top four place to grab Thanksgiving Dinner without having to do any of the heaving lifting…

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