The Funniest Texting Fails on the Web
Let’s face it, we’re living in an increasingly digital world. Even toddlers are walking around with Instagram on their smart phones. In theory this should make us the communication generation. But we’re not. Check out these great texting fails for proof!
Do You Have Text Neck?
Have you been getting a lot of headaches recently?  Maybe your upper back and shoulders make you feel like you've been pulling a plow all day and not sitting at a desk?  Could be you have Text Neck...
What’s Love Got To Do With It – The Texting Edition

Darren went to Houston to see the Final Four and the NCAA Championship game, and we've been burning up the phone lines with texts all day and night.  We do alot of texting all the time, mostly because of our schedules.  When I'm at work, he's just getting up to get ready and when he's at work, I'm a…
Oh. My. GOSH!
Well it finally happened.  I was out running errands, put my phone down, and well, you can guess the rest!