Baby Bandit Picks Locks, Steals Sister’s Toys
We would say this impressive, but it seems more appropriate to say this kid is the uber-little brother. Breaking into his sister's room? Check. Stealing her stuff? Check. Doing it in a manner that makes it hard to prove it was him? Check.
A Timeline of Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshots
If you're ever looking for Lindsay Lohan, checking the county jail is always a good place to start. Over the course of just a few years, the one-time promising actress has managed to get in trouble enough times to warrant herself six impressive publicly-released mugshots -- and even more arrest…
Man Draws Stunning Pictures on Dirty Cars
The Sun City has its fair share of dusty, dirty cars, especially during the windy season. El Paso would be a playground for our artists who draws amazing works of art using the dust and dirt on vehicles. Check out his phenomenal work below.

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