‘Wonder Woman’ Lives Up to the Hype: Review
The new film Wonder Woman is the latest DC movie, starring newcomer Gal Gadot in the title role. Director Patty Jenkins and longtime DC producer Zach Snyder do an impressive job of bringing Wonder Woman to life.
‘Monsters University’ Review
College is not an obvious setting for a Pixar movie. For all the vaunted animation studio's reputation for producing mature, adult children's films, college lends itself to a more immature brand of adult humor -- the kind with lots of nudity, profanity, and outrageous drunken antics. Sure enough, Pi…
Everything You Need to Know About Sports in 2011
Chris Trotman/Jamie Squire/Rob Carr/Christof Koepsel/Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images
2011 was a wild year in the world of sports. Sadly, much of the drama occurred off the field and left many of us vainly searching for an answer to the question, “How could they have let this happen?” But