Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Over A Dozen Pugs
Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with Pugs. The rolls, the fur, the snorts, the snores and the corkscrew tail are just a few of my favorite things. There are so many Pug memes out there that I know I am not the only one who adore these adorable scrunchy faced dogs. One woman was even propos…
Six Ways Fall is Sexier
I know what you're thinking...summer is sexier because it means less clothes. But contrary to popular belief, fall is super sexy! Maybe even sexier than summer!
5 Ways to Cheer Up Your Friend After a Breakup
Summer lovin' had me a blast? Hold the phone and please don't tell me more. Consider your crucial role over the next couple of days, weeks, and months as the MOH (Maid of Honor) of best friendship. In this grave hour, your friend is in need. So grab a box of chocolates, your favorite girl&…

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