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Marco Rubio Needs A Drink Bad! [VIDEO]
Rising Republican star Marco Rubio was hoping to take the television airwaves by storm last night when he did the Republican Party's response to President Obama's State of the Union Address.  Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned...  But his speech is definitely the one…
Does President Obama Have ‘True Colors’?
One of Cyndi Lauper's best songs, like, EVER, was 'True Colors'.  But like many musicians, she didn't want her music to be associated with a politician or political party even though they might share the same values.  But that has all changed. . maybe.
Best Picture With The President, Like, EVER!
So you run into President Obama in a bar - what's the first thing you do?  Take a picture, of course!  If you take it like a University of Colorado student did, however, you'll become a Twitter superstar!
President Obama Is A Baby Whisperer!
I just ran across the most highlarious video on youtube!  Turns out President Obama is not only good at killing terrorists, he can also quiet squalling babies with a single bounce!
Domestic Partner Benefits – The West Wing Edition
I loves, loves, loves me The West Wing.  I used to DVR every episode when it was in re-runs on Bravo.  Sadly, they are not running anymore, thank heaven for youtube!  When President Obama was elected, I wrote that I hoped that his administration would be as sharp and witty and effective as the Bartl…
Where In The World Is Hillary Clinton?
This picture of the President and his advisors was taken last Sunday when Navy SEAL Team Six was taking out bin Laden.  It has become an iconic moment in history.  But not to some people, people who feel that the women in the photograph don't belong there.  So they got rid of the…

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