Save The ASARCO Stacks Or Tear Them Down? [POLL]
The ASARCO stacks have been a part of El Paso for over 100 years.
The smelter was built in 1899, and closed down in the 1990's because the public said they didn't want to deal with the toxic emissions from the copper smelting plant anymore.
Little by little, the ASARCO site has been cleared of it's bu…
Register to Vote in El Paso
Last month we told you we’re teaming up with Rock the Vote to get you registered to vote this year. There are a lot of local issues that directly affect you this year so if you haven’t registered to vote, we’ve got the information you need. From the 2012 presidential election to th…
Vote: Best Places For Fun in El Paso [POLL]
Once again coming from Las Cruces, I'm always wanting to learn more about El Paso.  Of course we had a blast at Adventure Zone for Kiss fm's birthday bash, now the question arises, "What else is there to do in EL Paso?"

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