A Chocolate Affair 2015 [Photos]
KISS-FM’s 4th Annual Chocolate Affair took place at the Fountains at Farah once again featuring a larger footprint, entertainment and delicious decadent chocolate from over 18  El Paso chocolate vendors.
15 Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped
We all have grown prone to the fact that what we see is probably NOT what we get. Especially in photos. From women being made to look slimmer to Justin Bieber's hands made bigger, pretty much every photo we come in contact with is photoshopped our touched up.
Body Hanging From A Billboard Causing Back-Up
This morning around 7:30 am we started to get reports of a body hanging from a billboard on the East side of El Paso. Dispatchers told us the body is not real. The Texas Department Of Transportation is removing it. Check out the crazy pictures.

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