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Hollywood Dirt: How Much Time Will Lindsay Lohan Actually Serve?
LINDSAY GOES TO JAIL: Yet another judge went easy on LINDSAY LOHAN Lindsay yesterday, sentencing her to 30 days in jail after Lindsay admitted in court that she violated her probation by getting booted from her community service at a Los Angeles women's shelter.
Hollywood Dirt Update: Judge Revokes Lindsay Lohan’s Probabtion
SIX DAYS IN THE SLAMMER: Yet another judge went easy on Lindsay Lohan today, sentencing her to 30 days in jail for multiple probation violations earlier this year. Lindsay will actually end up serving just six days behind bars, and not the 90 that prosecutors were requesting.
Hollywood Dirt: Lindsay Lohan’s Makeup Fail
LOHAN LUNACY - WTF WAS UP WITH HER MAKEUP???: Given that Lindsay run-ins with the law seem to be quarterly occurrences, it was her bizarre makeup that was the bigger topic of discussion among the tabloids and gossip sites.

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