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Footage of Lady Gaga Performing as Stefani Germanotta Surfaces
If you never had the pleasure of witnessing Lady Gaga when she was an NYC music scene upstart who went by her given name of Stefani Germanotta, the wonders of technology solve that problem for you. Previously unseen footage of Gaga performing in 2006 under her real name and with brown hair has surfa…
Bill O’Reilly Says Lady Gaga Is ‘Over’
FOX news pundit Bill O’Reilly has strong opinions on many issues, but it’s usually pretty easy to ignore him — that is, until he moves in on a target that hits close to home, like the Mother Monster herself. In a recent post, O’Reilly took Lady Gaga to task for reportedly &ld…
Lady Gaga + Katy Perry Scenes Cut From Muppets Movie
Lady Gaga and Katy Perry reportedly had their scenes in ‘The Muppets’ cut. Combining Gaga and Perry with alpha female Muppet Miss Piggy would have been too much diva for one film. The multiplex would have spontaneously combusted, so maybe slashing their supposed scenes was a good idea.
Lady Gaga Releases Thanksgiving Promo Clip
While most of you are likely engaged in a mad dash to pick up all the last minute items you need to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal for this coming Thursday, Lady Gaga is helping to further ramp up excitement for Turkey Day — or Tofurkey Day if you have alternate eating habits! She released a …

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