Lord, It’s Monday
It's Monday afternoon and I'm trying to figure out how to work this silly thing they call the internets.  Our intrepid web dude, Johnnie Walker has patiently been trying to help me navigate our new website, but I'm pretty old and, well, you know what they say about old dogs and n…
Christmas Procrastinator!
Yup that's me, Christmas is almost here...24 days to be exact! Is it just me or is the panic starting to set in? All of a sudden I realize that I haven't even bought my christmas cards yet...Yikes! Don't even get me started on presents.
Northwest Artist
When I was living in Portland Oregon they have what is called the 'Saturday Market' where artisans, jewelery makers and all sorts of vendors sell all their trade goods. One of these talented people is an artist by the name of Brian Doogan - his work is all original and I instantly fell in …
5 Year Old Gets Down Dancing!
OMG! This little boy is super adorable, you might have seen him on Ellen. Imagine this kid is only 5! By the time he's old enough to vote he'll be a dance whiz! And I'm luvin the hair...cutey :)
Back At Work!
Well, the turkey is just a memory, the Christmas lights are in a jumble on the garage floor, and Mike and I are back at work!  The week we took off for Thanksgiving was great, but getting back into the groove of things this morning was just as fantastic because we really do have the best job in…
New Kiss Artist – Christina Perri
Check this new Kiss Artist...Her name is Christina Perri from Philly.
Not only will you dig the song but the video tells a great story...Enjoy!
Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts
Great New Pink Video!
Check out Pinks new video for her latest single "Raise Your Glass," it's from her latest cd "Greatest Hits...So Far!" She's wacky, fun and it's just another reason why she totally rocks! :) ((Btw - she may cuss in a few parts so watch out if you&apo…

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