Monika’s Mystery Movie: Cool Runnings
Congrats to our winner today - Denise Rosales - she correctly guessed the Mystery Movie. It was "Cool Runnings" starring the late John Candy and Doug E Doug - remember him?
Denise won herself lunch for 2 at Shellsy Oyster Bar & …
‘Hey Ya’ Cover By Obadiah Parker…Say What?
So everyone is familiar with the song 'Hey Ya' by Outkast - Well friends let me introduce you to Mat Weddle of the band, Obadiah Parker. You must see this - just click on the link above.
Last Days To Go Ice Skating!
Holidays on Ice at the Sierra Providence Events Center will conclude on January 9th. If you didn't get a chance to go out and enjoy it with your family well get on  it!
Where’s Vincent Price?
I came across this the other day and I thought you'd get a kick out of it.
All you have to do is find Vincent Price in the pile of leaves...keep looking he's there!
Monika’s Mystery Movie: A Fish Called Wanda
Congrats to today's winner from Las Cruces...Jesus Padilla - Correctly guessed today's mystery movie which was " A Fish Called Wanda."
It's a great movie is you've never seen it - Check out the clip above and then click down here and listen to Jesus win...
Which Lipstick Personality Are You?
Have you seen this before? Someone sent me this a while back and I recently found it and thought it was pretty interesting. I don't really know how accurate this may be especially since I fall under three different types of lipstick personalities!
Yawning All The Way To Work!
This is exactly how I feel every morning when I fill in for the Morning Show. I seriously don't know how they do this day in and day out. It takes a very special human breed to go to bed so early and wake equally early.
I am and will always be a night owl - But you betcha that all week long I&ap…
Monika’s Mystery Movie: Born In East LA
Congrats to Manny Bailon winner of today's movie mystery! It was " Born In East LA" starring Cheech Marin and Paul Rodriguez.
I forgot how great this movie really is! I was laughing so much at work I nearly fell off my chair! lol Enjoy the clip and listen to Manny win here...

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