Internet Unsurprisingly Chooses Cat For Newest Monopoly Piece
The public has spoken and Monopoly will cast away the boring old iron token, a symbol of domestic housework from a simpler time (it's not even an electric iron), which has been included in the board game for almost 80 years.
In its place will be a cat. Hey, are you really that surprised? Th…
9-Year-Old Girl Dominates in Pee Wee Football
65 tackles, 1,911 yards rushing, and 35 touchdowns. Sorry cowboy fans this isn't one of your players. Nine-year-old Samantha Gordon has become a YouTube sensation and has impressed football fans around the world. Gordon caught my attention as I was watching this morning's Sunday NFL Countd…
Come On Down! The Price Is Right Is Headed To El Paso!
I will always remember as a kid, The Price Is Right with Bob Barker! So fun to watch! Kind of like staying up late for Johnny Carson, and now the traveling version is coming to El Paso! Pre-sale code link is at the bottom of this page!