5 Places To Eat Healthy in El Paso
Are you looking for healthier alternative to keep your New Years Resolution alive? Check out these 5 local and healthy restaurants that won't break the bank or your belt buckle. 
Ultimate Stadium Food Idea for the El Paso Chihuahuas
With all the arguing that goes on about the El Paso Ballpark, why not argue about something fun? When is someone going to bring up the food that will be served during games? I want to be the first to pitch an idea to make a unique item that the El Paso Chihuahuas will be famous for and I want your h…
Justin Timberlake Celebrates PCA wins at Taco Bell
Is Justin Timberlake the coolest guy ever? He recently photo bombed a fan as he was taking a "selfie" at JT concert. JT has been hilarious in his guest host roles on SNL. The he just COOL. Last night, Justin Timberlake won three awards. What does a "A List" celebr…

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