Help El Paso Host the 2012 Social Media Tourism Symposium!
El Paso is currently competing to host the 2012 Social Media Tourism Symposium and if you can imagine the destination is selected via Facebook!
We narrowly edged out San Marcos in the first round and will soon face a fierce Buffalo-Niagara, New York beginning Monday, April 2nd at 10:00 a.m to Tuesday…
Rihanna Is 2011′s Most ‘Liked’ Artist on Facebook
With a new hit album, a record-setting string of No. 1 singles, and a role in one of 2012′s big-budget blockbusters to her name, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of people like Rihanna. Now we know that a lot of people also ‘like’ her — on Facebook, that is.
Another Fabulous Facebook Moment!
I don't know ANYONE who takes their Facebook friends THIS seriously.  I mean, if someone defriends you, you can always just quickly grab another long lost acquaintance or some random person in Facebook land to take their place. But this woman was NOT having it.

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