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The Fiscal Cliff – The Cosby Show Edition
So, the nation isn't going over the fiscal cliff.  Don't know anything about the fiscal cliff?  Neither do I - but click here and get the explanation.  Keep reading and you'll get the fiscal Cliff Huxatable explanation of money!
Oh Mighty Isis, Is Rhianna A Minion Of The Illuminati?
On yesterday's Hollywood Dirt, Mike posted a picture of Rhianna's new tattoo that depicts the goddess Isis.  It's supposed to be a tribute to her late grandmother.  Rhianna's, not Isis'.  But a listener says it's proof that Rhinanna has made a pact with t…
Madonna Jumped The Shark At The Superbowl
Madonna's halftime show during the Superbowl sucked.  There is no other way around it.  And if Madonna circa 1980's could talk to today's Madonna, she'd tell her the same thing.
Happy Birthday, Marlo Thomas!
I know Mike usually does a long, and well researched, list of celeb birthdays, but we're on vacation this week, so I'm just going to concentrate on one celeb who catches my eye a day.  Today, it's That Girl, Marlo Thomas.  Who is that you say?