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Brad Pitt on ‘World War Z 2′ – ‘We Have So Many Ideas’
If you had brought up the idea of a 'World War Z 2' to Brad Pitt and Paramount Pictures just about six months ago, they may have laughed you out of the room. The zombie movie had a famously difficult production with costly reshoots leaving many Hollywood insiders thinking 'World War Z' was going to …
Celebrities As Real People!
You and I both know that we'll never look like celebrities.  They have chefs - we have Hamburger Helper.  They have nannies - we have abuelitas.  But let's fantasize a little, shall we?
Mike’s Video Vault: 18 month old Adores Brad Pitt
BABY HAS ADORABLE CRUSH ON BRAD PITT: Unlike the husky in the recent viral video, this toddler did not attempt to run away when shown a picture of a big time celebrity. In fact, the 18 month-old proves without a doubt that Brad Pitt is so handsome and has such stunning facial features, woman of…

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