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Are Love Triangles Healthy?
Back in the day, Elizabeth Taylor shocked the world when she stole Carrie Fischer's dad, Eddie, from Debbie Reynolds.  It shocked the world because Debbie and Eddie were Hollywood's Golden Couple.  Fast forward a few decades, and Hollywood's Golden Couple, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston's marriage …
What’s Love Got to Do With It?
Merriam Webster defines the word 'dame' when it pertains to females as "slang: woman, often offensive".  Obviously they never met Dame Elizabeth Taylor.  Not only is Dame her official title, she was a true old school dame, a breed of women who sadly are few and …
Dirt: GaGa’s Condom Inspired Outfit [Video]
CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE; ASHLEE SIMPSON: The New York Times’ Page Six is reporting Pappa Joe Simpson tried to time the news of AHSLEE SIMPSON'S divorce from PETE WENTZ to coincide with LINDSAY LOHAN'S court appearance, hoping it’d get lost in the shuffle.

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