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Dirt: It’s On Between George Lopez and Kirstie Alley!!!
KIRSTIE ALLEY vs GEORGE LOPEZ!!! WHO YOU GOT???  It's definitely on between GEORGE LOPEZ and KIRSTIE ALLEY after GLo compared Kirstie to a PIG while discussing her performance on "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday's "Lopez Tonight."
The Tragic Tales of “American Idol”
IDOL TEAR JERKERS: Have you noticed how producers of this season of American Idol seem to be going the extra mile to tug at your heart strings by sharing some of the contestants tragic tales?  At Wednesday's San Francisco auditions, for example,  one guy shared how he has Tourette Syndrome that stop…
Angel In Your Office: Angel Taylor
Angel Taylor performed at KISS-FM's "Angel In Your Office" party! A lucky winner and her friends/co-workers got to enjoy a great meal and a performance from American Idol contestant Angel Taylor!