80's music

Happy Birthday Linda Evans!
The 80's had the best of everything - music, movies, and, of course, females meowing at each other in impossibly beautiful mansions while decked out in thousands of dollars worth of clothes and jewels on tv!  That's why I love birthday girl Linda Evans so much!
A Serious Blast From The Past!
I ran across a box of stuff from when I was in high school, pictures, flyers for parties, all kinds of goofy stuff that I didn't even realize that I still had.  And deep in the bottom, I found a cassette (Google it kids).....
Mike’s Blah Blah Blog: Deja Video 1984
DEJA VIDEO 1984: I admit I have a problem. I'm a completist. My current completist obsession is the Hot 100 songs for every year from 1970 to 2010. It was while working on the 80's that I noticed what a great year in music 1984 was.
Lisa Lisa And The Cult Jam
OMG! I remember this video - I was about 10 -11 when it came out and I thought Lisa Lisa was the begin and end all of absolute coolness! She was...just check out her ouftit, makeup, and accesories to match!